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Community Nursing

Blessed Disability Support Services is committed to providing clinical nursing support where it’s needed most. Our team, consisting of accredited professional nurses with extensive expertise, is available 24/7. This means we are there when you need us.

Our main objective is to actively empower individuals, assisting them in leading lives that are both as independent and healthy as possible. This involves proactively managing existing conditions, preventing illnesses, and promoting a lifestyle that supports overall well-being. Whether it’s short-term, longer-term, or overnight care, our commitment remains steadfast, guaranteeing support whenever it’s needed.

In delivering community nursing services, we cover post-hospitalisation care, general nursing assistance, wound management, complex bowel care, urinary catheter management and enteral feeding. In addition, Blessed Disability Support Services is dedicated to providing friendly, quality care tailored to meet the unique needs of our clients.

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